Liechtenstein starts investigation of the case over the theft of banking data

Written on 11 March 2008 by

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The Office of Public Prosecutor of Liechtenstein has declared the beginning of investigation on the case about the theft of confidential data about clients of LGT bank.
As informs AFP, in the theft is suspected Heinrich Kieber, the former employee of LGT bank and some more people, whose names are not informed.

According to the mass-media, Kieber has sold the stolen database to the German special services for 6 million dollars and to the Great Britain - for 197 thousand dollars.

Denmark and France have refused to buy stolen database.

The stolen database contains information about clients from the USA, the Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Canada and Germany.

On February, 26, 2008 Germany has declared that it is ready to give the database bought from the informant to any interested state. Interest to this information was already shown by the USA, Australia, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

FBI confirms privacy violations

Written on 10 March 2008 by

FBI has confessed to illegal tapping, tracking of bank translations and Internet-traffic of US citizens, informs AP.
FBI’s Director Robert Muller has noted that sources of the information are partially guilty in that - banks and telecommunication companies gave FBI more information, than was required. Muller earlier has already recognized, that FBI frequently violated the law gathering data, however for the last year the situation has not changed.

At that it is marked, that the inspector of Administration of Justice has revealed dozens cases of non-authorized access to the personal data of Americans in the period from 2003 till 2005. Also on results of the check of FBI’s activity in 2007 it was found out, that FBI has understated the number of personal data inquiries.

FBI has had an opportunity to shadow Americans without the sanction of the court according to the Patriot Act, signed in 2001 after bomb attacks in Washington and New York. For 6 years FBI and other law-enforcement structures in the USA repeatedly were accused of illegal and unmotivated collection of data on Americans and of an illegal infringement of private immunity.

USA incarcerates more than any other country of the world

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U.S. is recognized as the country, most actively using prisons for isolation of the citizens, informs Reuters referring to the research, prepared by Pew Center On The States.
According to these data, every 100-th adult citizen of the country is now in a prison or a colony. The general number of prisoners in the USA is 2,3 million people.

For comparison: 1,5-billionth China has 1,5 million prisoners, and 145-million Russia - 890 thousand.

The USA is in the lead not only by amount of prisoners, but also on their share in the society, outstripping such countries, as Iran and South African Republic.

In addition, according to this research, there is tendency of increase in number of prisoners in the USA. So, since 1987 till 2007 the number of people sentenced to imprisonment has trebled.

In presidential Election Day Russian criminals have cut their activity

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In presidential Election Day in Russia the number of crimes has reduced one third. It was informed by local press, referring to the first Deputy Ministrer of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Chekalin.

Chekalin considers, that reduction of crime rate for the period of elections in comparison with the usual period can be explained by sound preventive work. Each polling station was guarded by some policemen. In total safety of elections was ensured by about 450 thousand employees of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Presidential elections in Russia ended at 21:00 Moscow time. According to the Central Electoral Committee gross violations were not fixed. Nevertheless, Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky have declared the gross violations during elections.

In Germany online-searches are forbidden

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On February, 27 the Constitutional Court of Germany has forbidden German Constitution protection department of to carry out secret searches of suspects’ computers using Trojan programs, informs DW-WORLD.DE.
The author of the claim asserted that the search of suspects’ computers with the help of Trojan programs outrage the citizens’ security of residence right.

Judges have agreed with this reason and have emphasized, that practice of secret computer searches is inadmissible, as the German procedural criminal code does not provide such searches at all.

Secret searches with the help of programs-Trojans were supported by such known politics, as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Public Prosecutor Monika Harms.

The teenager has died because of snowball

Written on 28 February 2008 by

The neighbor has shot the teenager from Philadelphia because of a snowball which hit him, informs local TV-channel CBS 3.
16-years Tavin Ruthlege snowballed with friends in a court yard of the house in his birthday. One of the snowballs hit the neighbor, who then run in the house and returned with a pistol in hands, and shot the boy…

According to the witnesses, the man has become furious and has not paid attention to boy’s attempts to apologize.

The teenager was delivered to the hospital with a wound in a head; on Monday he died.

The police of Philadelphia searches for the criminal who, presumably, is lives in that residential area.

Almost 2 thousand legal sites are closed on suspicion of pornography

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The Finnish police has launched the system of struggle against children’s Internet-pornography – as a result 1700 legal network resources have been blocked, writes The Register referring to the fighter with Finnish censors Matti Nikki.
The majority of the resources checked by system appeared lawful porno-sites, 2 from 700 resources contained children’s pornography.

In the black list also contains online-shop of dolls, the Thai forum of Windows advice and service on computers’ repairing.

Experts have informed that development of the new program of online-censorship has been started at the end of 2006 when local authorities has passed the law, which allowed filtration of foreign sites containing children’s pornography.

Thousands British top-managers are suspected of dishonesty

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About four thousand heads of British companies appear in the international lists of suspected of swindle, money-laundering and financing of terrorist groupings.
Such results were received in the research carried out by British non-governmental financial service World-Check.

World-Check’s list of top-managers includes, in particular, 154 suspected of financial frauds, 37 – of drugs trafficking and 13 persons are wanted by Interpol on suspicion of participation in terrorist activity. Some top-managers are in prison, that does not prevent them to continue managing of their organizations.

Experts explain the present state of affairs by imperfection of new companies’ registration system in the United Kingdom. According to the existing legislation, only bankruptcy or judicial restrictions to take up a post do not allow the natural person to direct the business in the British company.

World-Check gives results of the researches to 2,5 thousand organizations worldwide, including financial institutions and law enforcement bodies.

British parents will be allowed to trace paedophiles

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British Home Office is going to allow parents to check to in police, whether the person, who has access to their children, was condemned earlier as a pedophile, informes BBC News.
In particular, single mothers can check their new boy-friend. Also it would be possible to get the information on the neighbors who agree to look after children.

In the British government have emphasized, that policemen in each separate case will decide, which information to disclose; however, if children will be threatened with danger, their parents will be informed by all means.

“Great Britain is one of the advanced countries in sphere of the control above condemned for sexual crimes, and for the last years we have made a lot in this area. But I am sure, we can do more”, - has declared Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

New rules will be approved in police districts in Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Cleveland and Warwickshire. If experiment will be successful, the norms will take effect in England and Wales.

Terrorists are Internet–mapped

Written on 20 February 2008 by

Museum of Modern Art in New York within the framework of an exhibition “Design and quick mind” will present site Global Incident Map, which in real time shows on Google Maps sites of the last bomb attacks, nuclear, ecological and other threats, writes
The data on the event is get from the news sources. The map is automatically updated every 310 seconds.

At present the site does not provide uniform news covering of the world. According to the map, a lot of suspicious incidents, comparable with Pakistan and Afghani, take place in east part of the USA and in the Great Britain. In Russia and China there are a few disorders.

Global Incident Map allows sorting events according to their type, country, day and even range of dates.

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